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<?xral version="l.ќ" standalone="yes" ?> <!-выходные данные NewsllpKeep --> <Newsfile longtemplate="tmlong.html" nextid="1010"> <Newsitem timestamp="11045" topic="CDs" author="wbrogden" id="1008" > <head>Your Favorite Music Now Available</head> <date>Austin, Feb 1, 2000</date> <short> <![CDATA[XMLGifts proudly announces the availability of the CD that has all the geeks singing, <i>It's Dot Com Enough for He.</i>]]> </short> <long> <![CDATA[<p> <i>It's Dot Com Enough For He.</i> now in stock!</p> <p>All those great songs created during breaks in all-night coding sessions - now recorded by top Silicon Valley garage bands on our private label. <i>It's Dot Com Enough for Me</i> will have you singing along - or maybe laughing till the Jolt cola spurts out your nose. Seventeen songs from geeks at Sun. Microsoft, Apple. Cisco, and other top tech outfits. </P>]]> </long> </Newsitem> </Newsfile>

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