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Листинг 7.3. Блок вопросов «Книги»...

Листинг 7.3. Блок вопросов «Книги» (custom.ersurvey.xml)

<Block name="books" type="terminal" > <Ques id="books:1" type="QMCM" > <Qtext>Please select all of the book categories you would like to see in our catalog. </Qtext> <Qopt val="0">Best Sellers of all types</Qopt> <Qopt val="1">Science Fiction</Qopt> <Qopt val="2">Fantasy Fiction</Qopt> <Qopt val="3">History and Biography</Qopt> <Qopt val="4">Computer Technology</Qopt> <Qopt val="5">Business Related</Qopt> </Ques> <Terminal><![CDATA[<h2>Thanks for answering the survey! </h2>]]> </Terminal> </Block>

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